Monday, December 21, 2009

nebraska day three

we drive into town,its like being in the movie my cousin vinnie,they all seem interested in us.the very nice lady at the store tells us there is a used furniture center at the edge of town.she tells us drop what you want and take what you want.all free.we find it and it is the town dump and its closed,we look over the gate that covers only one side of the dump,the other three sides are open,and there it is,gleaming in the sun light is a 25 inch tv.i roll under the gate and snag the tv and bring it around the fence.we throw it in the truck ,like we just robbed the federal reserve,and peel out of there.we plug it in when we get home and no picture,no sound,no nothing.bill is laughing his ass off at the fact that we stole a broken tv out of a dump.frustated i kick comes to life,beautiful picture and to get cable.

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